About Online Workshops

Here is basic information about Strathmore Online Workshops:

  • Workshops are self-paced. You participate when you want.
  • If you registered for the Online Workshops, you will receive an email at the start of each Workshop. Note that you will not be receiving an email each week a workshop lesson is published (only at the start of the workshop).
  • Each Workshop has 4 weekly lessons. Once a workshop begins, a lesson is published on the Workshop page each week for four weeks. Once the lessons are published, they will stay active on the site until December 31.
  • In addition to the lessons, students can participate in conversations on our discussion boards or share work in the classroom photo gallery.
  • Each weekly lesson includes a video lesson and downloadable instruction sheet. You will complete assignments on your own, at your own pace. Due to the size of the classes, there is no formal instructor review of your assignments. However, in the past, many students have shared their work by posting it on the discussion board or in the photo gallery.
  • Instructors will actively participate at the start of each workshop through the first 4 weeks. Instructors will post tips and comments during this time. However, due to the size of the classes, they may not be able to respond to all of students’ questions or comments. Strathmore will be helping out our instructors during this time. After the 4 weeks, Strathmore will continue to monitor classroom discussions and answer questions, with the help of the instructor as needed.
  • We want the classroom to be a positive learning experience for our students and instructors. Please keep this in mind when posting comments (be nice!). You can also contact Strathmore directly with any feedback or concerns about the workshops.
  • At times it may be appropriate for a student to share information about a particular product, book, video, or other resources that he or she feels is helpful to others. While this is perfectly acceptable, if the manner of the communication becomes overly promotional, Strathmore will contact the student and/or remove content as necessary.
  • We have a diverse group of students from all over the world! Please do not post comments or images that could be considered offensive. At times we have children who participate in workshops along with their parents. If we have a concern that someone may be offended by a comment or image, Strathmore will remove the content from the site.
  • Please report questionable behavior or misconduct by contacting us.
  • We measure the success of our workshops based on the number of students who participate. If you enjoy our workshops, please do us a favor, share the news, and encourage others to register and participate!


We look forward to learning with you!