Workshop 1 – 2018

getting to watch the demonstration

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    B. Collins

    i’m not sure this is a new topic but i spent at least an hour trying to get into the lesson/video. problem with my logging in.
    i finally got it reconciled and later this evening i thought i would watch it before going to bed and i couldn’t believe it……
    i clicked on the Play arrow and … said something was wrong with the playback.
    didn’t know whether to laugh, it was kind of funny after all the effort
    or to cry out of shock of not getting to watch it after all the work to get logged in.
    i hope when i get up tomorrow morning, it will be up and running.
    Bonnie Collins



    It just worked for me?



    A lot can depend upon both the machine – laptop, tablet phone etc and the web browser, I often find chrome will do what safari will not. May Mac makes it work my samsung tablet does not. Good luck with trying.


    B. Collins

    thank you for your suggestions. it was an issue with strathmore not recognizing my login in info. so i made another different log in and so far it’s working. i am now able to try the spring scene.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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