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Kelly, Watercolor Paper Question on Learn to Paint Watercolor Basics book

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    Hi Kelly, I have the Strathmore Learn to Paint book about watercolor basics. Paper is included with the book. I have a question about the paper. If I wet it enough to do an overall wash, I get little slubs that come off the paper, or dry in the wash. I am not pushing hard on the paper. Does this paper have some kind of sizing? I haven’t run into that problem with other papers. Any help would be appreciated. I have enjoyed both your books and this course on watercolor. Thank you


    Hi Gail,

    Are you putting lots of water on it? What kind of brush are you using? The paper itself is kind of a student grade watercolor paper. This grade of paper was chosen to keep the cost of the book down. While it can’t take a lot of water, it can take at least some. It’s easier to overwork this paper than, say, the 400 series stuff. I know I always stretched it and taped it down to a board before using it, a process I believe I made into a Strathmore video you can access via a code in the book.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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