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Option to adjust supplies

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    Jacque A

    Hi Kelly,

    First off, I’m really pumped to get started with this class! I’ve found that watercolour is a difficult medium to control, so I can’t wait to discover some new techniques to enhance my paintings.

    However, I’m trying to reduce the amount of new supplies that I’ll need to purchase. I was wondering if I’d be able to use gouache paints for these lessons. Watercolour and gouache are really similar mediums, and I already have a good set that closely matches the colours suggested by you in the supply list. Thoughts?


    I don’t see why not, Jacque! Thanks very much for your interest. :)



    I admit I choked when I first saw the supply list; so, with the exception of splurging on the paper and masking fluid my supplies are basically student child quality. I realise my results would be better given a better range and quality of colour but this way I am getting a feel for the paint before I take out a second mortgage to pay for it.


    This is a small but good set of watercolors (most of the ones I asked for) from Winsor & Newton’s Cotman range, which is a nice student grade of watercolors. It’s only $13. A beginner I know tried them out and liked them very much. He bought a single tube of purple to augment what was offered in the set.

    I remember being in art school and being amazed at the price of art supplies. You have my sympathies!



    Thanks, I will definitely look this up. Having a great time incidentally.


    Glad to hear! Much respect to anyone here who is trying something new. <3

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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