Workshop 1 – 2018

Thanks, everybody!

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    Hi students! I just wanted to thank everyone here who participated in my workshop. This is the first time I’ve ever done something like this, and I would love to do it again sometime. I’ve been so impressed with the talent on display here, along with the kind and engaged feedback you’ve all given each other.

    If you would like to see more of my work, please check out my website, which is and feel free to follow me on social media (I’m @kellyeddington pretty much everywhere). Also I try to post one watercolor video per month on my YouTube channel, Kelly Eddington Watercolors. Coming up later this week: a speed painting of my cat Pooj!

    Some of you have asked about my Strathmore Learning Series instructional watercolor pads. The format is near-identical to what you had here, and each pad comes with 12 lessons/videos and 12 sheets of watercolor paper. You can find them at some brick-and-mortar art supply stores, along with online retailers such as Jerry’s Artarama, where they are almost always on sale. You can buy just the pads at Jerry’s or get them bundled with supplies. :)

    Okay, end of commercial! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH, and special thanks to Strathmore for asking me to do this. It’s been wonderful. <3



    Thank YOU Kelly for giving excellent instruction! This workshop was thoroughly enjoyable. I know that I will be re-doing it as an exercise, at least once a month!



    Thank /you/ for all your helpful lessons and feedback. I’ve followed you on youtube for a while and being able to take this workshop was an incredible experience. So, thanks for everything!


    Thank you Kelly for these wonderful tutorials. Greatly enjoyed following along.
    My favourite was the portrait technique.

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