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    Hi everyone. Thanks for participating in the week 1 video lesson! We’re painting a flowering tree in a spring landscape.

    Please post all questions related to this particular video lesson within this discussion group so I don’t miss anything. Hope you enjoy learning with me!



    I just watched and I can’t wait to give it a try! I like the white also. Here in Virginia we have redbud so I’m sure I’ll want to try that too. Beautiful work!


    Thanks, Marlu! As I mentioned in the video, I don’t paint landscapes very much, so this was a challenge for me. And I wanted to put something together that would be easy to follow. I hope you all relax and have fun with it!


    Nan Daly

    No questions, just a compliment. What a delightful voice over–detailed, amusing, informative, enthusiastic and honest. I really enjoyed it. I paint large abstract landscapes, so this is a good reminder for me to try something very different. Thanks! Nan


    Sonya J

    I am so very excited to try this out with my best friend. We do a Monday Night Art madness Art class. Watercolour is our favourite medium so this will definitely be something we will try. Your presentation and enthusiasm for stretching oneself is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your insight and flare. In appreciation Sonya


    Hi Nan! THANK YOU. I am used to narrating videos on my YouTube channel, but most of those are under 10 minutes long, and I have background music to cover any lulls. With these lessons, I had to speak nonstop for at least 15 minutes, with no music backing me up. I write my scripts and time them so what I’m saying coincides with what’s happening in the video, and that can be tricky. I just didn’t want them to be boring. Very happy you enjoyed this first one. :)


    Thank you for your kind words, Sonya. I wanted to make this project seem non-threatening and do-able, even though it was the hardest one for me to present! I’m glad I could contribute to your Monday Night Art Madness class. What a fun idea.



    Kelly ~ When it came to the eracing the masking fluid, my kneaded eracer took off everything including the green/brown highlights in the tree. Does that mean I used too much masking fluid?



    Here’s my first try …….. I’ll try again after I hear from you. Thank you.


    I’ve never used a kneaded eraser for that, so I’m not sure. It’s possible that you used too much fluid, or it could be the surface of the paper, or it could be your paint surrounding the masking fluid wasn’t completely dry. You’re using the mixed media pad, and I’m unfamiliar with it, so I’m can’t really say. Experiment with a scrap of your paper and try to figure out a solution if you can. Sorry that happened!


    Hey, that’s not bad at all! Great job! You could still take a small brush (a fuzzy one if you have any) and do that dotting technique over what you’ve got there. Leave some of the white parts big, but others can get some green/brown.

    When I read your question I assumed that the masking fluid had torn parts of the paper when you took it off, but it looks like it came off in a clean way, right? If you do this again, I suggest using a smaller tool to dab on the masking fluid, and try to make dots in a variety of sizes. Clump some, and let others be on their own.

    Again, way to go!



    Thanks! I want to create some more of these. Lovely cards!



    Kelly,thanks so much for the wonderful art lesson. I follow you on YouTube and am always so amazed at your work. I have not painted in a long time but I am trying to get back into it and you are a great inspiration. Your use of light, medium and dark always gives your work such depth. Thanks again for the great lesson.


    Aww, I appreciate that, Toyam. Having three or more values is the cornerstone of what I do.

    Thank you for finding my work on YouTube, and please have fun with this workshop! I admire people who want to try new things (or return to things they love). :)


    Terri Davis

    I tried a second attempt and wasn’t happy with the way the masking fluid looked so I added some pink ( a combination of rose pink, alizaron crimson and white) I forgot that white is obaque and now I don’t like it. Is there any way I can break up the pink or add some detail?

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