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    Lisa vB

    And here is my attempt…the limited palette does really help take some of the complexity out of it. Portraits are not my strong suit, but I feel more emboldened after trying this!

    Thank you, Kelly. This has been a terrific workshop, great selection of subjects and techniques. I’m sure this was a challenge to put together, not knowing who would sign up, etc.!



    Thank you, Kelly. I worked on it some more and posted it with your reply. I remember you said to keep going back and adjusting so I’m going to work more on the background now with the darker glazes.



    Hi Kelly,
    I just wanted to thank you for the great class! It was wonderful and like the others, I will miss looking forward to Mondays! I can hardly wait until the next class but in the meantime, I will be practicing the great techniques you taught us, Thank you again it was truly a pleasure. Trish


    Thank YOU, Trish! A workshop doesn’t really work without the enthusiasm of students like you. I’ve been blown away by the talent and interest here. Just awesome. :)


    gloria s

    Kelly – I was so excited to see you were teaching in this year’s Strathmore classes. I view your youtube videos and have purchased your Strathmore series of class and paper. Later today I will post my paintings from this course. My Question:
    What brand and what pallet do you suggest – say for 24 and 12 colors. I will be on an extended trip later this year and would like to take a set of watercolors with me….


    Thanks Gloria! To answer your question, I use this palette:

    It holds 12 colors, and that’s about all I use. Also it’s small enough to fit on my table alongside my painting and stay in the frame when I make videos. I have two more of these Eldajon palettes: one for specialty colors I rarely use, and one for cheaper paints. At around $6, it’s super affordable.

    I don’t have a rec for a 24 color palette because I don’t have the space for one, but you should be good if you choose something white (hard plastic). Some people use things like metal butcher trays that are a lot more free form.


    Lisa vB

    I’m going on a trip soon and wanted to improve the portability of my watercolors. I have a big ArtBin container with the tubes, doodads, some plastic open palettes, and other stuff. But the tubes are a pain on the road/in tight quarters. So I got a Meeden palette on Amazon. It’s metal, and it closes up. They come in different configurations–half-pan, full pan, 24, 48, etc. You fill the little plastic pans and pop them in, so you can change the order if you like. There is room for a water brush in the center with the thing closed up. The thing folds out in a way that you have mixing areas. It seems pretty much identical to the metal palette that came with my Sennelier pan set, which I love. Warning: check the Internet for articles/videos on filling the pans from tubes. It’s not just squirt and go. It’s a little bit of a process, how best to fill so they don’t just crack, how full, etc., drying time. And be sure your watercolors rehydrate well. I accidentally discovered my Koi tubes do NOT like to rehydrate. I had some in a little plastic container with a lid, and went to clean it out. Rock hard! But my Holbeins, Grumbachers, and Daniel Smiths all rehydrate well.

    So now I have this palette with Holbeins, some Grumbachers, and some Daniel Smith PrimaTeks, all super convenient instead of fiddling with the individual tubes. I set it all up last weekend and tested early this week. LOVE IT! Can’t wait to give it a real workout!

    This class has inspired me to no end!

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