Workshop 2 – 2017

Thank You Amy

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    Thanks for the lesson on soft pastel, except for the dust ( A mask or kerchief helps makes it safer) I like your tip keeping your art parallel with the subject as it made distortion less, this is easy to overlook. I do like soft pastels better, though I may change my mind with a quality set of artist grade oil pastels. A good tip I read somewhere is if you tap your painting you can frame your work as you do with watercolor using a Matte and static free glass as the spray will change your colors : )


    Absolutely right! Thank you.

    I had never considered doing portraits before. Once I get myself some more paper I will definitely have another go. I admit I far prefer the soft pastels – regardless of the dust.

    Early, I have had some of my soft pastel work framed and, even after several years and moves, very little dust has fallen off. I imagine it will have a lot to do with the degree of ‘tooth’ of the surface. I sprayed the portrait I did and it wasn’t too bad but I used a light toned paper. On the other hand I did a second portrait on a black paper which I was very happy and proud of. Unfortunately when I sprayed it the black came right through – more so on the portions with the fewer or single layers. Absolutely dreadful.


    Great classes. Really enjoyed this session

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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