Workshop 2 – 2018

My Jackrabbit

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    Lisa vB

    Well, here he is. I’ve combined watercolor and colored pencil before, but never thought to use acrylics. This is a whole new world of possibilities!

    Oh dear, he’s rotated. Trying again.
    Argh. Well, I don’t know why he’s being a pill about this.

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    Lisa vB

    I was thinking this could be a real help in rendering fur, hair, and skin. I’ve seen colored pencil art that does so–and quite well–with just pencil. But…this seems a faster route to a really nice result.



    It looks great; he (or she?) is so cute! I’m glad the workshop could show you something new and I hope you have fun experimenting with the acrylic!

    I’ve also seen many colored pencil artists that achieve fantastic coverage and saturation with just pencil alone (or with pencils and solvents) and get beautiful results. But I’ve always found that it requires a relatively thick layer of colored pencil, and I feel that the transparent acrylic allows the colored pencil to stay more delicate and light. That’s just appealing to me, but every artist has a different touch and style, so I hope people can take these techniques and make them their own!

    Thanks for sharing your work! :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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