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Color wheel question

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    I am curious about why your color wheel truncates the orange side of the spectrum. It is interesting to see, and I would love an explanation of why you decided to do that. Is it because the blue colors are more appealing to you; that is, is it personal to your preferences? Or is it something more universal about color that you have found to be true?


    Kathy G.

    Hi, I am not an expert in colour but I remember Bob saying that he uses 10 colours that are based on the Munsell colour wheel. I believe the Munsell wheel groups colour differently so that YellowRed takes the place of Yellow Orange, Orange and Red Orange. I included a link that probably explains it better. The hues are still there but exist in a range or YR.
    Hope this helps!



    Thank you! This is interesting. I’m reading up on the Munsell color wheel now. It is hard to get used to how different it is. Some versions seem to include a pink color, which is often left out of the more “traditional” color wheel we all learn about, so it is interesting to see it have a place in this system. I am not sure if I can get used to the Munsell system (for example, the complimentary colors are different and “feel” off to me) but I find it extremely interesting to learn about. Thank you for pointing me to this!


    My Color Wheel is based on the Munsell system – I tend to paint with many different colors, so I use my Color Wheel as a guide and a jumping off point. For instance, when I select Blue as the Dominant color, I won’t use just one blue – I will use many different blues – I refer to it as the “blue family” – then, in addition to the ten colors, I always include black and white. I will also add some special favorite colors to the mix – like Opera, a hot pink.
    First and foremost, enjoy the act of painting!

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