Workshop 3 – 2018

Media to use?

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    Lisa vB


    I’m looking forward to this workshop–I was in the two prior Strathmore workshops this year and learned A LOT. I had assumed this one would be media-agnostic, since it’s more about composition and lighting, etc.–things that apply to all art. But the supply list is all oils. I don’t have oils, and am not looking to get into oils. I work in watercolor and colored pencil mostly, although I did get a basic set of acrylics for the last workshop. Does media matter for this class, or should I plan to work the assignments in acrylic, as it’s the closest thing to oil in terms of texture, etc. that I have?




    Hi Lisa,
    Robert will be focusing on oil paint as the primary medium for this workshop. However, he will be teaching many fundamentals of art and painting such as color combination, composition, focal points, negative shape painting, studio setup, and more. Of course oils and acrylics behave differently, but many of these same principles can be applied to both. If you don’t purchase oil paints for the class, we’d recommend sticking with acrylics versus colored pencil or watercolor and we think you’ll still really enjoy it and get lots from it!


    Lisa vB

    Thank you, Sara! I’ll go with the acrylics then. I’m looking forward to this class! As I mentioned, I’ve attended the other two Strathmore Workshops this year and very much enjoyed them. Thank you for putting them on!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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