Workshop 3 – 2018

Robert Burridge .. statement and question.

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    Hi Bob!
    I have never laughed so hard in any art class alone!! You are so fun and sweet and keep my mind going!!
    Your are so full of “lovely life” It sure helps a person relax! Okay on to my Question.

    I notice on your “HAPPY PEAR”, you used “spice colors” !

    Where do those come from on the color wheel?
    I am so impressed with you, I have been watching your online videos.. so fun! Even though i must say my
    head is jammed with such a tremendous amount of information which I LOVE!

    Thank you, Darlene Pringle


    Hi Darlene,
    Thank you for your very kind words! I am glad you are enjoying the video series.

    “Spice Colors” are basically accent colors that surround the focal point color to draw even more attention to it. Remember – the color wheel that I am using is a wheel that I developed – it is based on the Munsell color wheel – so I use 4 colors to make a painting – out of a total of ten colors on the entire wheel. You will see me get into specific color combinations in Lesson 4.

    The 4 colors are broken down to:
    Focal Point
    Spice Color
    Spice Color

    There is a diamond-shaped “pointer” that points out the selected colors – start with the dominant color first, and the rest fall into place!

    Thanks again!


    Kathy G.

    Thank you Bob for working and doing demos in oil paint! Wherever I go these days in local workshops, I am usually told that no oil paint is allowed. There are drawbacks and strengths to all mediums but I love oil and altho’ I have some acrylic, it is only for underpainting and colour study. The solvents are the issue but when I explain that modern oil mediums are often solvent free, it makes no difference.
    My question is, do you ever have to address this argument and how would you handle it?


    Hi Kathy,
    I love oil paint — real oil paint. Not the water soluble, or water clean-up… but real stinky oil paint and all the mediums and alchemy that goes with it!

    That said – many people are sensitive to the fumes and I do honor that. When I conduct workshops, I do make sure that I don’t put people “at risk” whether it is a real problem or not. I have workshops that are Oil-based and workshops that are exclusively water-based. It is interesting that the fumes from acrylic will actually affect people too!

    Just go with the flow!


    Kathy G.

    Thanks Bob for your straight forward, clear instructions and demos. As I said before, seeing these principles used with oils was so inspiring. I will definitely be using these exercises with oil paper. Your enthusiasm is contagious!

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