• One of my favorite architectural strategies is to simply start at one side of the page and almost blindly trace the horizon line created by the silhouette contours of the trees and buildings. I like the continuity that establishes.

    • I began this one with the trolley first. It was stopped for some reason and I scrawled as much as I could while it was paused, then relied on memory to put a couple more details in place. The surrounding buildings were placed afterwards using a strategy of creating a single horizon line silhouette, then adding a few details here and there to create a sense of architectural structure and hint at perspective.

    • You’ve captured the essence of a potentially complex scene with such simplicity! I’ve gone down a rabbit hole of hyper-realism and haven’t been able to climb out of it… I strive to approach what you’re doing! Thank you for sharing.

    • John, I actively seek out a pathway to simplicity. Even when a drawing has complex elements, it is still my goal to keep the overall composition structured so that the visual pathway guides the viewer rather than obstructs. Using negative space effectively is one way of accomplishing this. I fully understand the “rabbit hole” – most of my students and workshop participants struggle with that dilemma as well. And to be clear: there’s nothing wrong at all with realistic drawing. I think each of us are in search of an approach that works for our own personal vision of what drawing “is.”
      • WOW Contours & windows — !t appears to be wonderful either as a start or it can stand on its own.

      • You’ve got it. You added the single horizon line silhouette while looking at the scene? Are you a graphic artist by trade?

      • Yeah, I try to always work from life for urban sketching. And yeah, I ran a design firm for about twenty years. I’ve been teaching drawing and design for the last seventeen.
        • I was a designer and illustrator for twenty years before becoming an art teacher.

        • Revisiting the gallery – You got the whole feel of this city and the local neighborhood in this Definitely amazing how much "feel" you got in this contour..