• The key here is to simply keep it simple. There was a lot more information that might have been included as I walked along this mountain bike trail, but changing the pressure of my nib as I quickly scribble the lines, and filling each of the heavier shapes with solid black distilled the whole thing down to three values: the black from the pen, the gray of the paper, and splotches of white gouache. I seldom carry more than that with me in the field anyway.

    • I love to play with positive and negative shapes. Often, as is the case here, I’ll get the drawing done on location and then lightly note what I want to fill so I can add solids later on. Sometimes I’ll fill with watercolor or gouache or just a PITT pen, other times I’ll do it digitally as I did here.

    • Sketching on location can be challenging because you are at the mercy of the whims of the weather: heat, rain, snow, wind, etc. Wind is especially challenging because even when sketchbook pages are clipped down, they still tend to want to take flight!

    • So Much Mood!!! Striking!

    • Nice!

    • loose feel, very appealing