• Group logo of Workshop 1 – 2018Danuta added a photo 4 months ago

    • Thank you, Kelly, for guiding us through the ups and downs of the creative process. Everything was challenging including applying masking fluid.

    • This is excellent!

    • Thank you Marlu. I wish there was a continuation of this class. I have so much more to learn.

    • Sai replied 4 months ago

      Awesome job, Danuta! The booklets Kelly made with Strathmore follow this workshop’s teaching formula almost exactly. With videos included. But I do miss the option to post our progress and getting feedback. Let’s keep learning everyone. :)

    • Thank you, Sai. I’ going to get Kelly’s Booklets. I like her style of teaching. She knows how to break down a difficult task into simpler steps. I wonder if she teaches any Portrait Painting classes.