Lisa vB

  • And here’s mine at last (one of those weeks, finally got to it today!). My noses need practice. The mouthes went better than I expected. I have a bit more practice with eyes, and this lesson helped me improve.

  • Now I have a pallet question. You use tube watercolors, but you have a pallet with paint in the pans and you work from there. I have different tubes and pans. When I work with the tubes, I use a plastic pallet and squeeze out just the colors I’m working with then. And I clean it out completely between uses (no lid, this is an open pallet…[Read more]

  • Kelly,

    Your comment about lifting color prompts another question: how important is it to have scrubber brushes? Does a damp normal brush typically do the job, or are scrubbers a good thing to have, too?



  • And here they are!

    Argh…the picture came out the proper orientation, but they turned 90 degrees when I posted.

  • Hi Kelly,

    I have 3 new burning questions today…

    1. Starting and stopping. Your instructions said to complete the background in one sitting if possible, and I did. But with larger backgrounds/whatever, when you can’t do what should be a contiguous portion in one sitting, what is the best way to handle that so it looks like it was done in…[Read more]

  • Not a question, just a comment. I’m partly through the assignment (the main color/shadow and removing the masking fluid–but before the yellow shadow, yellow b/g, etc), and I’m so excited how the white ball in particular is coming out! I watched the video, listened to your remark about “babysitting” it as it dries and working the paint. I did…[Read more]

  • OK, I have 2 burning questions and I haven’t even started the assignment yet! :)

    1. Pencil lines. Of course, draw them lightly in the first place and with a hard (less smeary) pencil. But in the case of a light-colored subject like the white gumball, how to avoid pencil marks showing through in the end? Do you just erase over when everything…[Read more]

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